Founded in 2007, ACAS is the premier mortgage field services company in the Southeast U.S. We currently serve investment firms, brokers, and many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious national asset management companies. We provide a wide array of services including Property Preservation, Real Estate Owned (REO) maintenance, and more. The Company distinguishes itself via size and stability, an impressive breadth of services, a large multi-state presence, use of modern technologies and hard work. ACAS demonstrates the highest integrity, efficiency and trust, and continually raises the bar for mortgage field service organizations everywhere.

Dominick Felix, Chief Executive Officer

Dominick Felix

Dominick founded ACAS and currently serves as chief executive. He is responsible for all aspects of the Company including its vision, mission and overall direction. Dominick is actively involved in ACAS’ operations, including obtaining new contracts, liaising with existing clients to increase work allocation, creating additional presence in new geographies and increasing presence in existing geographies. Dominick also plays an active role in the Company’s financial management.

John Felix, Chief Operating Officer

John Felix

John is ACAS’ COO and responsible for the Company’s operations. He partners with Dominick to manage both client and subcontractor operations, work order pricing, work order prioritization, subcontractor onboarding and scheduling. John also collaborates with senior management to resolve performance and scheduling issues when they arise. He has an active role in monitoring all client work order queues to ensure ACAS receives the correct amount and types of work orders, as well as seeking out additional growth opportunities.